Our mission is to live a life of joy
in the Nembutsu & share the Dharma with others.

Our Temple was started in Berkeley one hundred years ago by Issei (first generation) pioneers from Japan. Though today we are still enjoying the ethnic traditions the founders brought with them, we are experiencing the exciting beginnings of broadening our base to include a multi-culturalism that can enhance and deepen our understanding of Jodo-Shinshu Buddhism.


Buddhists Living in Equality
and Non-Discrimination (BLEND)

by Rev. Dr. David Matsumoto

BLEND is how we describe our acceptance and appreciation of our blended lives. It signifies that we can embrace the purity of those lives, and reflects the aspiration and commitment on the part of our temple and ourselves as Buddhists to understand and celebrate the richness, diversity and challenges of our blended lives.

May we all endeavor to think, speak and act in ways that will promote the inclusion of all people in our sangha and throughout our lives.