Whether you are a first time, or relatively new visitor who wants to experience what we have to offer — we warmly welcome you to our temple. We extend our sincere appreciation for your interest in our temple's programs.

Our SUnday Service

Service begins every Sunday at 9:30 AM. When you walk in, you can sit anywhere you would like in the pews, unless there is a “reserved” sign. We have a chairperson who will announce the different parts of service (except for the Kansho bell ringing) and will also state the page numbers if needed. You are welcome to join us in any readings or chantings, but also do not have to.


Service Format

  1. Ringing of Kansho Bell (signals beginning of service)

  2. Quiet Sitting: A moment of quiet sitting (lead by Minister)

  3. Chanting:

    • We start with one of the following: Vandana Tisarana or Sambujo

    • Then one of the following: Juseige, Sambutsuge or Junirai

  4. Gatha: A gatha is a song or music which contains Buddhist teachings (Dharma).

  5. Three Treasures: The Three Treasures

  6. Dharma Talk: A Dharma Talk or Dharma Message is a sermon normally given by the minister. The Dharma Talk discusses different teachings in Buddhism / Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. During the school year, there is a children Dharma talk during this time and then an Adult Dharma Message after the Children go to Dharma School class.

  7. Gatha

  8. Golden Chain: The Golden Chain

  9. Adult Dharma Talk: This Dharma Talk often will go a little more in depth into Buddhist concepts than the Children Dharma Talk.

  10. Gassho

  11. Oshoko: Offer incense

  12. Tea social: All are welcome to join us after service in the social hall.



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Berkeley, CA 94704

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